Men Handcrafted Bugarri-Shoes


Let’s introduce you to Bugarri-Shoess and discover why they are the perfect footwear for you! Bugarri-Shoess are made with passion, the same passion that originated from Emanuele Briganti himself wanting to satisfy his need for height increasing shoes while still keeping up with modern trends. As such, every pair of Bugarri-Shoess is handmade with the aim of increasing the height of the wearer without sacrificing comfort and style.

Our clients are the heart of Bugarri-Shoess. In this respect we give customers the opportunity to customize their own elevator shoes. The customer can choose his favourite material, colour, and most importantly his desired height increasing option. When it comes to elevator shoes, different people have different height needs. With this in mind, we allow customers to pick their ideal height boost ranging from 2 inches up to 6 inches while providing advice to ensure the client chooses the most comfortable and suitable option for his own need.

Bugarri-Shoess, the largest online retailer of elevator shoes (height increasing shoes) for both men and women. Our goal is to provide our customers a wide variety of styles at competitive prices

What about if that stylish and elegant pair of shoes was to do more than just elevate your everyday look, but offer you a little elevation to make you appear noticeably taller at the same time? This is where the magical design of Bugarri-Shoess comes into play, with our handmade luxury collection of Italian elevator shoes for both men and women. Pure elegance could be used to describe our collection of elevator shoes which look like classic standard shoes from the outside, but are built-up internally to offer a hidden height increase of anything from 2 to 6 inches, depending on the design and style. The classic appearance means that no one will ever know your secret, which remains invisible to the outside world.

If you wish to increase your height with stylish, inconspicuous shoe designs then you are on the right page. Here you will find the best Bugarri elevator shoe review for different types of height enhancing footwear. There is no doubt that in the modern world height is something that can be a game-changer.

Whether it be the dating scene, job interviews or other types of events, appearance matters, and the pressure to be taller is greater than ever before. This has been noticed by shoe companies, and fortunately, it is now possible to add a few inches to your height in a discreet manner and for it to be maintained throughout the year with different styles of footwear. Naturally, wearing elevator shoes that are comfortable and secure will result in a change in how you walk.

A good pair of Bugarri elevator shoes will be more stable and reliable than shoe inserts and other means of height enhancement. However, choosing a high-quality pair is not as easy as it seems, as not many companies specialize in this type of footwear. Even so, there are a handful of reliable manufacturers who tick all the right boxes, such as a high quality, discreet design, being stylish, durable, and safe to wear.