5CM / 1.95 Inches – Casual Height Increasing Elevator Shoes For Men White Leather Sneaker

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Brand: CMR CHAMARIPA ( World's Largest Elevator Shoes Brand )
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  • Height Increase: + 5CM / 1.95 inches
  • Upper Material:calfskin
  • Lining Material: genuine leather
  • Color Selection: white
  • Season: Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • Features: This elevator sneaker is made of full-grain
    leather, wrapped in a simple modern design, making you feel more
    comfortable. Lined with breathable and soft leather. These luxurious sneakers
    are a perfect match for everything you already own, from wild style items to
    basic styles suitable for work. The invisible heightening insole combines
    advanced ergonomic design with unique innovative materials to ensure long-
    lasting comfort, no squeezing, and lightness. This model allows us to increase
    the height of 5CM/1.95 inches in absolute comfort and confidentiality.

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Weight 1.5 kg

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13 reviews for 5CM / 1.95 Inches – Casual Height Increasing Elevator Shoes For Men White Leather Sneaker

    Sneakers ideal ordered 42 a little tight apparently malomerki, dressed like a soft foot comfortably sits. I recommend these sneakers for such a price
    The size is real and very fashionable. For such a price is super ok. I think I can wear it out for shopping and running. All are very suitable and satisfied. Recommend this store, thank you.
    Quality is really poor. They don't look like they're going to last, but I could be wrong. The insole isn't good either. probably will have to buy a good one. However, they so look really good, stylish
    I think it is very comfortable and I really like a shoe of this type, so I suggest you buy it because it is really good.
    Very beautiful sneakers, comfortable, and meet all my expectations of them. They look good, but the increase they bring has really improved my confidence. I will come back again when I buy shoes in the future. I like this brand and recommend this brand.
    Jorge Alberto
    Super sneakers, fashionable and comfortable for running, and I feel that the whole person has become taller. I am a little happy to be able to buy such a pair of shoes. I am also happy to find such a store. There are many shoes I like in it. I am very happy. .
    Javier torres
    The shoes were delivered quickly. I am very satisfied with these shoes. The delivery efficiency is really fast. The shoes meet my expectations, have the height I want, and are really comfortable. Thank you
    Pankaj KumarMahato
    The sneakers are very light, comfortable, and have the size I want. They are very suitable for my shoes. They are very pleasant. The price is within the atmosphere that I can accept. As for the workmanship, the sewing feels very good. The shoes I bought before don’t feel the same. I stand up a lot higher, and it really has the effect of heightening. I recommend you to buy them.
    It feels exactly the same as the appearance described in the picture. Whether the shoes have the heightening effect I want, I feel that there is really, and I also feel very surprised and satisfied, because for the shoes, I have already It's enough, just lack of a pair of height-increasing shoes, so I am still very happy to have such a pair of height-increasing shoes to improve my height and enhance my self-confidence.
    The moment I received the shoes was really amazing. It was the style and feel I wanted. For the shoes themselves, the appearance and comfort are the best compared to the shoes I bought before, so I think This pair of shoes is worth the price, at least in my opinion, I recommend this brand to everyone, and I will patronize more in the future.
    Tamiru kebedechibsa
    Excellent sneakers. I bought sports and running fitness. feels good. It is very suitable and satisfactory to me as a fitness enthusiast. It can increase my height. It feels very pleasant and comfortable. A lot of details about this pair of shoes are quite good. I feel that the price matches this pair of shoes very well. It feels good, thank you.
    It looks good, the size fits my feet very well, I am very happy. From the perspective of the upper toe of the shoes, the appearance is also very good. It is what I like. The delivery is also very timely. I thought it would be delivered for a long time, but it arrived at once, very fast, and the order was fully satisfied. Thank you!
    Close to perfection, it feels very good on the legs, although I don’t know how long it will last...Come on, let’s take a look at the effect afterwards, and let’s look forward to the effect that I value most What is the effect? The answer is really very good. It satisfies all my expectations and feelings. First, let me talk about the appearance is really good. If I increase it, it really increases my height. I am also very satisfied and happy.
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