8CM / 3.15 Inches Taller – Dress Elevator Shoes For Men Brown Leather Height Shoes

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Brand: CMR CHAMARIPA ( World's Largest Elevator Shoes Brand )
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  • Height Increase:+8CM / 3.15 Inches
  • Upper Material:Calfskin Leather
  • Lining Material:Genuine Leather
  • Color Selection:Black
  • Season: Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
  • Features:Complete your dress-wear look with these exquisite dress shoes by Chamaripa. Handmade with cow leather, features a high-quality finish. And pillowy-soft lining for hours of comfortable wear. The invisible height Increasing insole the advanced ergonomic design combined with unique innovative materials ensure long-lasting comfort, non-squish, lightweight. This model allows us to increase the height of 8CM / 3.15 Inches in absolute comfort and secrecy.

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17 reviews for 8CM / 3.15 Inches Taller – Dress Elevator Shoes For Men Brown Leather Height Shoes

    I like it very much. My friend said it’s great. There is no pressure to walk next to him. I am very satisfied with a shopping
    After receiving the shoes, I found that the quality of the shoes is really good, and the whole person is also high when I wear them, and I will not feel tired when I wear them. It is very comfortable to wear. This is a good shopping experience.
    Patrick Osei Ntow
    A pair of shoes that I’m very satisfied with. I’m always not confident because of my height. Now it’s perfect. It solves my problem. The main thing is that it ships quickly, is comfortable to wear, and fits well.
    The shoes are of high quality and they are very suitable in size. The height is obviously increased when they are worn. They are perfect for taking pictures when going out and gathering with friends.
    Today, the classmates reunion put on the new pair of shoes I bought. The experience is very good, the appearance is fashionable, and it increases my height and aura invisibly. I wear it for a whole day without being tired at all, and it is very comfortable.
    This is the most satisfying time for me to buy shoes. Very good service. I can’t see that it’s taller on the outside. I increase my height directly after wearing it, making it more upright and confident.
    These shoes are great the design are adlacant to stacey adams look. I wore these and people liked the design and style and this looked appealed most to women. In closing the feedback for your product is positive.
    The height-increasing shoes specially selected for dating, after a long time of comparison, I bought this pair, the appearance is perfect, the delivery is fast, and the quality is high. I am confident standing next to the lady, and I don’t have to worry about my height anymore.
    Sukhdev Singh bhinder
    Very good, I recommend your service. Wearing it is very tall, very tall, perfect in quality, and beautiful in appearance. In the future, my shoes will be yours.
    The shoes are very good, and the shipment is the fastest in history, and the appearance is not visible as height-increasing shoes, and the height is obviously increased. It is very comfortable to wear, and you will not feel tired after walking all day.
    Tshering DORJI
    Very beautiful shoes, the quality is also very good, you can’t tell from the outside. They are height-increasing shoes, they are very invisible, and they walk confidently.
    The fabrics used in this pair of shoes are really good. My family and friends think that this pair of shoes looks very beautiful and the quality is very good. I don’t feel tired when I run with them.
    Stephen Adeyemo
    The shoes were received within the specified time, and there is no strange smell after opening. It is the normal new leather smell. I can’t wait to try it on. It instantly increases 8cm. I feel confident and comfortable to wear. The same feeling, will repurchase
    Boumezoued Abderazak
    The product is really splendid and quality is excellent. I bought the black a couple of weeks back and immediately put in an order for this . A very beautiful shoe
    At the party a few days ago, my friends said that they look different. People are very confident and aura. These shoes bring me comfort. They also make me no longer embarrassed by height.
    Measured the foot as recommended by the seller. It turned out to be 27 cm. Ordered 43 size, but it turned out to be great! It was necessary to 42, but on it the stop is indicated less than 27 cm.
    Very good after-sales service, the shoes will be received soon, about two weeks or so. I am very happy after receiving the shoes, because the shoes are what I want, and the style and size are correct.
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